Where in the World is Erin York?

So, um, it's been an embarrassing 6 months, since my last blog post. Since there's been such a long stint of silence in my online presence, I decided to push off that book review I was supposed to publish this February (whoops) and give a quick life update instead.

You might notice the updated look for the blog. It's part of my celebration of officially coming out as an LGBTQ+ author! I've danced around that identity as a public figure for a few years now, but I've realized that my way of advocating for and giving a voice to my brothers and sisters isn't through social media rants or protests on the street, it's through writing--writing my truth and writing fiction--something that I hope offers an escape, a sense of connectedness, and, of course, happily ever afters to my readership. I figured coming out in this blog post was also the best way I could celebrate Pride Month and mourn the victims of the Orlando shooting. May they rest in peace.

Some other life updates...

I put down roots in the South by purchasing a home here.

I celebrated my 6-month anniversary at a job that still makes my heart flutter with excitement every day that I go into the office.

I started my Ph.D. program in Higher Education Administration. 

I just got back from a trip to Iceland where I got to co-teach an amazing group of students abroad. 

My first book of poetry, THE LIGHT YOU CANNOT TOUCH, won an international writing award for excellence. 


I fall deeper in love with the woman who stole my heart back in 2014 every day.  

Even though I'm not getting to write as much as I want to (This statement goes out to my readership on Fanfiction.net.), I am still inspired and jotting ideas on napkins or my arms wherever I go, so there WILL be new work out soon. 

Yes, that's a pumpkin patch in my backyard.

And, I don't know, I guess frankly I'm the happiest I've been since I was a kid. 

For those of you who know me well, it hasn't been an easy journey getting to the place where I am as I write this today...but I appreciate all that I have now because of the roads life took me on.

Thanks for reading my update. Please peruse the rest of the site, as it's all had a much needed facelift.

There will be a book review of THE VEIL OF THE DRAGON by my author friend, Thomas Barczak coming soon, so check back often. 

 Until then, happy Father's Day weekend, and HAPPY PRIDE!!


  1. Missing you, friend, but glad to see things going so well.

    1. I miss you as well! I'm looking forward to the holidays when I'll hopefully get to see you and HUG you in person!


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