One of my favorite parts about summer is setting aside scholarly texts and burrowing my way into fun books. I have the distinct pleasure of reviewing FLIGHT by Camille Faye, which is the third book in the Voodoo Butterfly series (Please see more here).

I have now adventured with main character, Sophie Nouveau, to different states, different countries, and even to worlds beyond this one. Sophie continues to speak to me because she is fiery, opinionated, imperfect, and inspiring. While she does not always make the right decision, she strives to make decisions that speak to her at the time with the knowledge that she has. 

Additionally, Camille Faye continues to astound me with her knowledge of voodoo, hoodoo, other magics, and religions. She finds the common threads that tie all of us with our many different beliefs together, a rare and unifying feat that I much admire. Why, after all, should we focus on our differences when there is so much in our lives that bring us together? 

But don't take my word alone as reason to read the book. Here is the synopsis: 

Sophie Nouveau ventures to faraway Malaysia to seek answers about why her true love, Taj, broke up with her and returned to his homeland. When she gets there, she realizes something has been haunting Taj’s kid brother. But is it mental illness or black magic?

While Sophie’s a world away, a customer claims she is poisoned by a potion from Seraphina’s House of Voodoo. As a result, the FDA shuts down Sophie’s shop pending an investigation into the incident. So she rushes back to New Orleans only to realize a traitor is at the root of all this bad mojo. That person, who’s in cahoots with Dr. Bones, wants to usurp the title of Voodoo Queen from the Papillon family line forever.

I recommend this book as a quick and enjoyable read to devour on a plane flight or by the beach. You'll lose yourself in Camille's writing style, her likable characters, and her unique storyline. Be sure, however, to start with book one! 

Have you read FLIGHT by Camille Faye? What did you think about the book? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Happy reading,


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